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How do team eCards work?

Isn't possible for everyone to attend the team event or group event?

Let's make it special. Create a group eCard (or team eCard) for free, within 30 seconds, and share with your friends and family, or team. You can either create a digital eCard, or a kudo board style group message board online, with multiple signers, as many as needed. These virtual group eCards come loaded with special features like gift exchange, group collection, custom backgrounds, covers, beautiful animations and more.

Once done, schedule the eCard delivery for the special person. It's really simple, and loads of fun. Although the digital eCard is virtual, it can also be printed by the recipient.

Love the site and ease of use!! Great graphics! I was looking for something nice, free and work appropriate and found it with Reco cards!! Thank you!



Director of customer relations, Workcation

Frequently asked questions

What are group greeting eCards?
Group greeting cards are virtual greeting cards, designed to save the hassle of having to buy a physical card, pass it around discreetly for people to sign, and deliver.
What are group greeting card features on RecoCards?
The free group greeting cards online are available on, and come with additional features including gifts, delivery scheduling, email invitations and many more. Group greeting eCards can also be printed by the recipient.
Where can I create a free group greeting card?
RecoCards is available globally. If you're looking for group greeting UK, or group greeting Canada, or anywhere in the world, RecoCards is there for you.
How to sign a group greeting card?
To sign a group greeting card, click on the "+ write a message" or "sign" button and write your message. You can additionally add a GIF or image.
How does group greeting work?
It's as simple as 1-2-3. You create a group greeting card or group kudos board, invite multiple signers to sign it, and then deliver it the recipient. You can also add gifts, collections, thank box.
How does group greetings login work?
For logging into the website, click on Login or Sign up at top right corner of the page.
Is RecoCards associated with groupgreeting or kudoboard?
RecoCards allow you to create group greeting cards or kudos boards, without any affiliation with others.
Are the online group greeting cards free of cost?
RecoCards is a free service with unlimited cards, multiple signers in the office (unlimited).
Are online group greeting cards different from group greeting ecards?
No they are the same. A group greeting board or kudos board has a different layout than a group greeting card online. RecoCards support both the layouts.

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  • Share thank box collections

  • Free card library

  • Upload own images and backgrounds

  • GIFs

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