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Why RecoCards?

Let's take an example - If an employee is about to leave your company and you want to leave a positive last impression, consider the following scenario. It's important to make them feel important and recognized. A team member creates a Reco Card, which they may then share with their teammates. Everyone else may just write comments on the card about great things that happened in the past, and attach gifs, pictures, or anything else they've captured in the past. Your final step is to present your greeting card to the intended receiver of it. They read out everyone's notes, and I've seen individuals who are leaving be really affected by this last gesture by setting up a 15-30 minute last farewell session with that individual, as well as with the entire staff. The goal is to write a card and share it with them if they are departing, or if there is a particular occasion.

What is a recocard?

A reco card is basically a recognition card so it's like an online version of a physical card. You may build an online virtual card that you can share with your friends, who can then write unique notes on it, before eventually delivering it to the person it was intended for with the help of Reco Card's online equivalent of a real card.

Do you have an enterprise account?

Yes we do support Businesses & Enterprises, please contact us at

I would like to integrate Recocards within my company, i.e. with internal tools at my company. How can I do that integration, how does it work?

Please reach out to us at

Is it completely free?

Yes the core of recocards platform is completely free for individual users and groups, with some paid add-on features. You don't have any limits, on how many people can write messages how many cards you can create etc.

What are the main features of

First and foremost, it is a completely free platform for producing online reco cards, which you can share with your friends, family, teams, and anyone else. The cards are fully customizable for any type of event, including farewells, birthdays, anniversaries, and get well soon, as well as any location. You can also add images to cards, add gifs to cards, change the background with gifs, and so on. We have image galleries from which you can select images or upload your own images, so the cards are fully customizable. You have get a centralized dashboard for all your cards, and we also have integration for feature requests, feedback, and support, so please reach out to us if you have any ideas.

Which countries are you in?

Yes we are available globally in all countries.

How do I share an online greeting card with my friends?

You can use the share button and you will get a link which you can email to your friends, or you can just message them.

Is there any expiration on the cards that I create?

No, cards don't have an expiry date so they live forever (as of now).

How can I change the name and message on top of the card?

Just click the 'edit' button and you can change it. You can pretty much customize anything you want over there including the message the name, background etc.

I'm facing an issue with the online greeting card that I created on, what should I do?

Please reach us at and we will help you out.

I want to learn more.

Please reach us at or check out the about page.