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How gifting works?

Adding gifts to your cards is simple and easy. Here are the steps -

Adding gifts!

Gifts are attached to messages. When you invite people to a card and they write messages, they get an option to add gifts, just like this -

The 'Add gift' button is only visible to the creator of the message, and not anyone else.

Clicking the button opens a gift store popup, which allows to complete the transaction.

Receiving gifts

When a card is delivered, the recipient sees a button to 'Claim gifts' just like the one below:

Clicking on the button opens up a popup to provide an email address for gift delivery:

All gift transactions are human-verified, and usually take 3-10 days for delivery.

When gifts are not claimed, they are automatically delivered to the recipient's email address (or the recipient emails provided by the creator) after a few days (usually within 7 days). Still if there is no recipient's email found attached with the card, we reach out to the card creator to provide one. People who add gifts also get an option to add a recipient email address (along with a delivery date and time).

Frequently asked questions

Disabling gifting for a card

There are circumstances when a user may not want gift transactions enabled, e.g. a card created by a teacher for their students.

In such cases, the card owner can can enable or disable gifting for their card, by clicking the 'Customize' button and then using the dropdown under 'More settings'.

What are gift fees?

Gifts incur a small processing fee. Click here to learn more.